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Omnilux PDT™

Years of extensive research have led to the development of the Omnilux LED system. Omnilux PDT™ was the first Omnilux to be launched, specifically designed for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers*.

Omnilux™ has been specifically developed to offer the most effective tool for photodynamic therapy. OmniluxTM is based on a matrix of LEDs, which provide narrowband visible light at an optimized peak wavelength of 633nm. Designed so that the light specifically targets the activation spectra of the target photosensitiser Protoporphyrin IX (PPIX), Omnilux™ delivers an effective dose of 80J/cm2 and 80mW/cm2.

The design of the treatment head and the arrangement of LEDs ensures a uniform beam for full coverage of the treatment area this means that you can be confident that you’re administering a uniform dose of light across the treatment area and not having pockets of untreated cancerous cells.

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*For sales outside the US only